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Another World

This is the Sinusoidal Projection. It shows relative sizes accurately but distorts shape and direction.

The Cube World

This map plays off of the
Fuller example, except it
uses a cube as a base.

mwrh... yeah it's kind of

A Different World Perspective

This is Fuller's Projection of the Earth. He takes the shape of the Earth, and through a low distortion transformation turns a spherical surface into that of a flat one.

Discussion Questions

Should you define a coordinate system when you don’t know its origin? What kinds of problems could occur?

Walk me though how she narrowed down her search in defining her data for Ohio.

Give me an example of when you would use NAD83 and WTD84 interchangeably and when should you not. Explain.

What is the difference between Coordinate systems and special reference?

Chapter 13 Arc Gis

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Chapter 4 Map

This shows a layout view of the area of
disappearance on the Earhart path. We
went into ArcCatalog and dragged the
polygon file on to our World map. Then we
inserted a new data frame using the insert
drop-down, and moved two more shape files
showing the area of disappearance and the
sea floor gradient, and added the flight data.