Monday, March 31, 2008

Georeferencing Part 1

Georeferencing Part 1

Georeferencing Part 1
Using the View drop down and going to Toolbars- Georeferencing toolbar. This allows us to assign real world coordinates to our raster data, to a image that does not have real world coordinates, using control points.
Starting in the display window layer of our real world coordinates we ‘fit to display’ our new data to display an overlap. Here we can reference non real world to real world starting with the unknown using control points. You have to use more control points if your map is not very accurate.
We create a world file by Updating Georeferencing

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chapter 10

Here I am selection attributes by location, looking for the best spot to place my client's new business. We want it to be close to a business center, and because it's a pricey shop we need it to be in an area with a high density of people with a alot of money. The second picture showsthe final location chosen.

Chapter 9

This map focuses on abandoned pit mines that have high concentrations of heavy metals that could cause concerns about safety. I have identifies these sites based on the actoin required to clean the sites. I have used a 'join' based on the common attribute feild of IDNumber to add more data.

Chapter 8

This was an introduction to selecting by attributes, it's some pretty interesting stuff. So, you are working with a client who is interested in three bedroom houses that are for sale on corner plots. One of the pictures shows all the plots that are for sale selected using a select by location status = y Yes they are for sale